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Passikudah Dive Sites


British Sergeant

Depth: 13-27m; Travel time: 20 mins

A British ship commissioned as a tanker during WWII and sunk in the Japanese air raid that also accounted for the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes and several other ships on April 9th 1942. The ship rests on its side at 27m, broken into 2 parts. There is easy penetration into some of the holds with a large area to explore. The top of the wreck is at 13m and covered in a garden of purple and pink soft corals. Large schools of blue lined and bigeye snappers, mangrove snappers, batfish and groupers find refuge in the wreck. On the sides there are many anemones with clownfish and schools of fusiliers above the wreck regularly attract hunting giant trevally. This is a world class wreck that warrants several dives.


Lady McCullum

Depth: 10-17m; Travel time: 20 mins

The Lady McCullum was a steam driven transport ship that floundered in 1926 while on a voyage from Trincomalee to Kalkudah. It now stands upright on a sandy bottom at 17m with parts of the wreck coming up to 10m. The bow of the ship is intact along with some large boilers and a section of the stern but the midsection is heavily broken up. The wreck is located close to a reef that can be explored as part of the dive. A good selection of marine life including snappers, sweetlips, batfish and anemones with clownfish can be found. A perfect second dive after diving the British Sergeant.


Gladys Moller

Depth: 3-10m; Travel time: 10 mins

A British transport ship the Gladys Moller floundered on the shallow Bakers Rock in front of Passikudah in 1942. The wreck is in very shallow water with a maximum depth of 10m and years of monsoon waves and storms have taken their toll. Pieces of the wreck are scattered across the seabed with the section stern remaining partially intact. The broken wreckage is covered in branching, table and dome corals. An easy dive that is an ideal introduction to wreck diving for beginners.


Boiler Wrecks

Depth: 5-12m; Travel time 10 mins

Three wrecks located in front of Passikudah Bay provide three great dive sites that are ideal as a second dive after a deep first dive or as an easy introduction to wreck diving for new divers. All the wrecks are broken up but still offer a large and interesting area to explore with large boilers, crank shafts, engine parts and partially intact sections of the hull. There is prolific hard coral growth and a diverse selection of reef fish. All the wrecks are perfect for even new divers and are also ideal sites for night dives.


Passikudah Reef

Depth: 3-8m; Travel time: 5 mins

Located at the southeastern edge of Passikudah Bay the reef starts right at the surface and slopes down to a sandy bottom at around 8m. There is good hard coral growth with some soft corals and the reef is home to a variety of small fish such as damselfish, cardinalfish, butterflyfish and small groups of snappers and sweetlips. The sandy area can be productive for finding shells, sand perches, shrimp gobies and other unusual fish species. A good place for night diving.


Eel Garden

Depth: 28-30m; Travel time: 25 mins

A mixed sand and rubble bottom with hundreds of garden eels. Not much in terms of a reef although interesting macro life such as crabs, cuttlefish, pipefish and scorpionfish can be found. The main attraction however are the garden eels feeding in the current. This site can be exposed to heavy current and due to the blue water descent and ascent is suitable only for experienced divers.


Mushroom Reef

Depth: 8-14m; Travel time: 20 mins

Rocky reef with a mixture of hard and soft coral. Good fish life including schooling species such as goatfish and snappers. Lobsters can be found hiding under rocks and stingrays are often found on the sand close to the reef.


Leather Coral Reef

Depth: 10-14m; Travel time: 30 mins

A rocky reef system covered in leather corals and sea anemones. This is a colorful dive site with clownfish, angelfish, coral cods and schools of snappers and yellow striped goatfish. Trevally, napolean wrasses and stingrays are also seen regularly. The shallow depths allow long dives with plenty of time to explore this extensive reef.


Kayankerni Reef

Depth: 2-10m; Travel time: 20 mins

An extensive shallow coral reef system off Kayankerni that’s ideal for snorkeling but also suitable for an easy shallow dive. Large coral bommies, table corals and branching corals provide an interesting seascape populated by colorful tropical reef species such as butterflyfish, angelfish, wrasses, damselfish and surgeonfish.


Staghorn Point

Depth: 2-7m; Travel time: 20 mins

A gently sloping reef with spur and groove formations on its seaward edge. Dominated by branching corals with the usual array of fish species similar to Kayankerni reef. Lots of parrotfish and surgeonfish as well as the occasional turtle.


Vandalous Point

Depth: 3-10m; Travel  time: 15 mins

A cluster of rocks at the point between Vandalous Bay and Thennadi Bay with channels, boulders and ledges. A shallow dive sites that’s suitable for an easy night dive. Lobsters, small crabs, nudibranchs and cleaner shrimp can be spotted.


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