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In Colombo, Island Scuba is based at La Voile Blanch on Mount Lavinia beach, 13km south of the city center. It takes around 20-30 minutes to reach the dive center from the city center.



We conduct daily 2 tank dive trips departing at 08:00am. Divers need to arrive at the dive center by 07:30am to complete paperwork and gear up.


Dive Season:

Our Colombo dive center is open from November 1st to April 10th.


Weather and Conditions:

The best conditions are generally in February and March. December and early January can have strong northerly winds that affect offshore diving on some days, especially towards afternoon. Currents are generally mild to moderate but strong currents may occur on some offshore sites. Deeper sites can be challenging during strong currents due to blue water descents and ascents and hence are reserved only for divers with proof of deep diving experience. November to early December have regular evening rains, but the daytime is usually dry. January to March is the driest period in Colombo with long hot sunny days. Average water temperature is around 28C. A 3mm Shorty wetsuit is more than adequate for most divers.



Average visibility on most inshore reefs and wrecks is around 10m, while visibility in excess of 30m is not uncommon on offshore sites. Some of the reefs closest to shore that are mostly used as training sites are more affected by sediments and visibility may drop to as low as 3m.